About mini-me

I’d like to think of this micro.blog as a personal space for posting quick (and weird) ideas ✨, photos taken by cellphones 📸, and probably short book reviews 📚. In a way I like those social-network-style entries, and I want to be able to continue post them even if I decided to go social-media free. That’s the biggest motivation for creating this website.

Like a mini version of my site, of myself. And this is why this site has the subdomain mini.ying-ish.com 🐣

I’ve done importing some photos originally posted on WeChat into the new gallery page on my microblog site. I usually don’t have the camera with me (it’s too heavy!) and take photos by phone. My cellphone is about to retire and the image quality isn’t always good (at least not enough for a high-resolution desktop browser). There are some photos took by my cellphone that I really like, I will organize them into this gallery 🌇.

I am so into the idea of a clean, ads-free, and self-hosted “twitter-style” account. And the best part, I have total control over the contents. I post them but not for “likes” 😎 It will be more for myself than for something else.

@ying If there was a next life, she'd like to be a shell, just by the ocean.